MediaCentral | UX Administration Guide : Administration and System Settings : Signing In to MediaCentral | UX

Signing In to MediaCentral | UX
Use a supported browser to connect to and sign in to your MediaCentral UX server. See the Avid MediaCentral Platform Services ReadMe for a list of supported browsers.
MediaCentral UX lets you use a single user name and password to access all Avid systems for which your account is configured. A journalist might have access to both an Avid iNEWS database and an Interplay Production database, while a logger might have access only to an Interplay Production database. MediaCentral UX credentials (user name and password) are created by a MediaCentral UX administrator in the Users layout. Access is determined by the user’s role. For more information, see Default Roles.
Interplay MAM users must sign in with MediaCentral UX credentials that match credentials set in the Interplay MAM system.
iNEWS and Interplay Production users have the option of using MediaCentral UX credentials that are different from their iNEWS and Interplay Production credentials.
The first time you sign in to MediaCentral UX, you must use MediaCentral UX credentials. You are then given the option of using your MediaCentral UX credentials to sign in to iNEWS and Interplay Production or to use different credentials. The credentials you use depend on the user name and password that you can use to sign in directly to iNEWS or Interplay Production. Supplying these credentials enable you to use only the MediaCentral UX user name and password at future sign-ins.
Your iNEWS and Interplay Production credentials are set in the iNEWS or Interplay Production sections of the User Settings dialog box, which you access from the Home menu. You can change these credentials at any time.
(Chrome v44 and earlier only) After you supply your credentials for the first time, a dialog box asks you if you want to use MOS plug-ins. For more information, see Using Plug-ins and MOS Integration.
(MediaCentral UX 2.4 and later) After you supply your credentials for the first time, a dialog box asks you if you want to allow or block notifications from the MCS server. Click Allow or Block.You can change this decision later. For more information, see Showing Desktop Notifications from Panes.
To sign in to MediaCentral UX:
1. Open a supported browser and type the URL of your MediaCentral Services server.
The URL is the computer name of the server.
2. At the sign-in screen, type your user name and password.
3. Click Sign In, or press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh).
After a few moments, the MediaCentral UX application opens and displays the last layout that you used.
*When you sign in to MediaCentral UX, you are automatically signed in to your iNEWS newsroom computer system, your Interplay MAM system, your Interplay Production system, or all three. If, however, the security settings for one of these integrated systems is inaccurate, you might see a warning message that states that the application is unable to authorize the sign-in name or password. If you receive this message, click the link provided and verify your security settings.
4. (Optional) If the layout you want is not displayed, select the one you want from the Layout selector.
Left: Sign Out button. Right: Layout selector.
To sign out:
*Click Sign Out in the menu bar.